Artist Statement

I usually work with graphite. I find it’s texture soothing and warm, while it’s monochromatic aspect gives my drawings an aura of unrealness, ghost-like feeling. Sometimes I add black ink to the background of the drawings, creating a contrast between the cold texture of the graphite and the velvety texture of the ink, while adding depth to the composition. My works look frozen and otherworldly, which emphasizes the disturbing aspect of their themes. I like bizarre imagery, I have been greatly influenced since my childhood by all things weird and obscure, and that is what I am attracted to. In my drawings I try to add something slightly uncomfortable or controversial, which of course will affect differently the viewer, as everyone has their own issues.

The things that perplex us, those that cause us curiosity, makes us come back to them. It is the contradiction, the mixture of sweet and sour, what makes us keep looking.

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